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hi-octane creative's senior team began as branding experts, corporate designers and print creative. From there, it has been an amazing evolution that has taken hi-octane communications & design a very long way, working with many large corporate partners.

Corporate design and advertising were the mainstay for many years... However, technology has evolved hi-octane creative allowing the company to branch out into website development, photography, online advertising, copywriting, social marketing and event promotion support.

Not only does hi-octane communications & design offer tech services like website management and hosting, but search engine optimization, content management and online marketing strategies.

hi-octane communications & design has clients in the UK, the West Indies, the US and Canada. The world is a small place with no limits to where hi-octane creative can service.

The big push to complement the design and marketing services, is the 365 series of websites which include:,, and These sites present content, promotion and online marketing avenues for hi-octane clients; generating traffic for clients' respective websites.